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Photography by the great Bill Barbosa
Please visit www.BillBarbosaPhotography.com
to see more of his great work!

Cristina Morgado comes from a long line of firefighters including her father, brother, cousin, uncle and even an old softball coach. With a strong passion for photography and a focus on food and beverage images she began the “cookbook project” 2 years ago with the intent of simply photographing some good food but what she found was so much better. She discovered some amazing department chefs who showed her some great recipes that may or may not have graced her own table at home. The journey of going to all the stations, witnessing some practical jokes here and there, eating some great food, hearing some fun firehouse stories about her father and being at the table where he once sat has made this book more than a project; it has become an amazing life experience that will stay with her forever.

 Dad on the Job back in the day.

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