Monday, January 9, 2012

Good Chili and Lots of Fun over at the 3rd Annual Chili Day in Cutler Bay!

I was fortunate enough to attend the 3rd annual Chili Day in Cutler Bay this year over at the 
Cutler Ridge Park in Miami. The great chef Kurt Kaufmann was representing Aerial Station 34 
and placed 3rd in the Firefighter Division with his awesome Avocado Chili, 
a recipe featured in the cookbook!! (page 104) 
It was a fun day filled with good food, fun people, great music and even better sales. 
Thanks to all those that came out to support the department and the book!

Photography by Eric Goodman.
My little booth between the firefighter chili booths and my friend Keith Tyson from the Firefighter Cancer Support Network.

My very helpful salesman for the day Omar giving his presentation about the book to some Chili Day customers.

 Sales, Sales and More Sales!

Book signing was a fun part of the day too.

There was great food everywhere and I even got to sample some great mango salsa too!

Kurt even got a book sale too!

Thanks again to all those that came out for a great day in the park!

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